Status and perspectives for renewable energy development in the UNECE region

The dena study ‘Status and perspectives for renewable energy development in the UNECE region’ provides an analysis of the renewable energy markets in the UNECE region with practical recommendations for the implementation of policies for the successful promotion of renewable energy sources.


This is the challenge:

The member states of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) are not only different in terms of their language, culture and geographical location, but also in regard to their energy systems. While some countries have already achieved very high shares of renewable energy sources in the electricity and heating market, others are still at the beginning of this development. Many member states are keen to drive the promotion of renewable energies by political means, but face similar challenges and obstacles. In many cases, access to information about successful instruments and approaches in other UNECE countries can provide a key advantage.


What we are doing:

The study ‘Status and perspectives for renewable energies in the UNECE region’ starts by addressing this aspect and provides a comprehensive analysis of the energy market structures and support mechanisms for renewable energies in the member states. A summary of successful policy approaches for the expansion of renewable energies was developed in close cooperation with regional energy experts and actors from politics, business and international organisations. In doing so, dena ensures that decision-makers in the UNECE region have access to information on common obstacles and effective measures and instruments.

The overall outcome:

The new study gives relevant actors in the UNECE member states access to essential information on the structures and developments of regional markets and support mechanisms for renewable energies. In addition, people in executive positions can draw on the accumulated and consolidated wealth of experience that other states have acquired in the expansion of renewable energies, prepared in a suitably analytic form. The dena study therefore contributes to removing factors that obstruct the transition to a sustainable and clean energy supply system.

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