Start Up Energy Transition

In Start Up Energy Transition, dena is establishing a global platform for innovation in the energy transition.


The challenge

There is a large number of start-ups around the world that are using innovative ideas to revolutionise the energy sector and are hence contributing to a successful, global energy transition. While some countries and regions have well-established ecosystems, start-ups outside of these hotspots frequently experience difficulty finding the right partners and gaining access to the new markets. Equally, companies with a need for innovative solutions are unable to source the many options that might help them rise to the coming challenges. Investors are also missing out on the opportunity to back promising companies, as access to the international markets is limited.
Society is therefore unable to tap into the significant potential to build a more sustainable future. Innovation needs to be assigned a key role in order to fulfil the ambitious targets of the Paris Climate Agreement.

What we are doing

Start Up Energy Transition identifies leading start-ups in the energy sector around the world. A prestigious jury of international experts from the areas of innovation, energy and politics select the best start-ups. We then invite them to our Tech Festival in Berlin. It is a gathering point for entrepreneurs and investors, other start-ups, enthusiastic students and accelerators. Joint workshops on topical issues are held alongside exciting keynotes by international speakers, with plenty of opportunity for fruitful discussions.

The overall outcome

SET helps to forge partnerships that broaden the horizon. A day full of shared content culminates in new cooperative agreements, expanding individual networks into many countries and yielding a wealth of new ideas. In doing so, the SET Network makes a tangible contribution to the success of the energy transition.

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