Energy Efficiency Award

dena’s nationwide Energy Efficiency Campaign is helping companies to exploit existing energy and cost-saving potential.



Efficiency through competition

The challenge was as follows:

Every second company in Germany invests in energy efficiency, and it has become an important factor in economic efficiency and innovation globally. But cutting costs is not the only consideration. Practising energy efficiency can improve a company’s image, as it demonstrates commitment and innovative capability. It will be necessary to introduce transparency to successful concepts and to create incentives that are more than just financial if more companies are to be encouraged to follow suit. The arduous road towards the objectives of the energy transition will only be overcome if progress in this field is viewed not as an obligation, but as an opportunity. Companies will need more than just ecological and economic incentives if a rise in efficiency is to acquire its own, necessary momentum. Companies want to document their own commitment to the energy transition through their activities in the area of energy efficiency.

This is what we have done:

dena created the Energy Efficiency Awards in 2007 in order to increase awareness and to provide incentives within the industrial sector and the companies themselves. Companies of every size and from any industry that have successfully completed model efficiency projects can apply to take part in the internationally advertised competition. The award is conferred once each year under the patronage of the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, with prize money of 30,000 euros. The requirements placed in the candidates are defined precisely:

  1. How much energy is saved?
  2. How does it protect the climate?
  3. Are the measures financially viable?
  4. Can the measures be used as examples for other companies?
  5. How innovative are the measures?

The benefits:

The market has shown significant interest in dena‘s Energy Efficiency Award. This is evidenced by over 777 entries from 53 countries. The competition is organised internationally, allowing expertise to be communicated beyond the borders of individual countries. This helps visualise success and to carry the idea underlying the energy transition into companies operating on the global markets. The award winners are featured on the Website of the Energy Efficiency Campaign (which dena also operates); this helps companies to find inspiration for their own activities.

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Energy systems

A holistic view of refurbishment

Tomorrow’s energy systems will have to overcome many and varied challenges. Production, distribution and consumption need to be linked intelligently to guarantee a constant supply of renewable energies.

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